Deborah McAlexander, MM NCTM Motivational Speaker Master of Music Degree in Piano Performance Music Teachers National Association Permanent Professional Certified Teacher of Music in Piano
Deborah McAlexander, MM NCTMMotivational SpeakerMaster of Music Degree in Piano PerformanceMusic Teachers National Association Permanent Professional Certified Teacher of Music in Piano

What Others Say About Deborah

Nimrod T. Chapel, Jr. - The Chapel Law Group, LLC:  "You were able to craft a presentation that was not only informative and insightful, but also thoroughly engaging.  The content and overall quality of your presentation is unmatched."

Ivan Turner - Entrepreneur, Speaker, Zig Ziglar Certified Legacy Trainer  & 

Author of “I Broke The Code, So Can You!



"If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they      should be. Now put the foundations under them.” ― Henry David Thoreau.


People are always looking for ways to overcome adversity. After all, as human beings we all face challenges in our personal lives and careers. It’s at this most difficult time in one’s life that a decision has to be made. You can capitulate to your hardship and choose to live life in the shadows of failure and pain, or you can break free from the bondage of your adversity and live life to its fullest with an abundance of success and prosperity.


My friend Deborah McAlexander is no different. In fact, she was dealt a challenging hand at the young age of 25 when she lost her eyesight. Deborah could have easily chose to succumb to the adversity, but instead she chose to rise to the top and live life to the fullest. Even being legally blind, she saw far beyond her adversity and is now sharing her message of hope, fortitude and love of life with others.


Deborah’s high energy presentations are one of a kind. Through the serenity of music she shares with others how to build the foundations of success and happiness. Her story is one well worth experiencing.


I highly encourage meeting planners, associations, business owners and houses of worship to invite Deborah McAlexander to speak to their groups for wisdom and inspiration.

Tracy A Schueller, President, Personalized Tours Inc.: “Deborah McAlexander was a smash hit!”

Dr. Monte Shinkle, Concord Baptist Church:  "Please allow me to commend Deborah McAlexander to you as you plan your next special event or concert.  Deborah has an inspiring story to tell. She has been legally blind for many years.  The fact that she can see at all is amazing. She is a wonderful pianist and horse woman.  She combines the two through live piano performance and video presentation weaving in her story of faith.  She adapts her presentation to fit the occasion.  I highly recommend her."

Gayle Lampe, Professor Emeritus, William Woods University:  “Deborah McAlexander gave a brilliant presentation that combined and compared learning how to ride a horse to learning how to live life in general.  She gave a great performance on the piano and showed videos of her showing a beautiful American Saddlebred horse.  This was all the more impressive because she is legally blind!  Deborah’s courage and positive attitude is an inspiration beyond belief.  I highly recommend that you take the opportunity to see her presentation.  You will be glad to know that there are people like Deborah in this world, and that she has the ability to share her story in a manner that will help others to be more like her.”

Karen Larvick, Professor Emeritus, University of Missouri:  “Deborah's story is powerful.  Her resolve and her creative efforts to overcome significant barriers offer important life lessons to all of us.”  

Dr. Robert Wankum, Ophthalmologist, Jefferson City, Missouri:  “My comments are of both a professional and personal perspective.  Mrs. McAlexander has been a patient of mine for twenty years.  Her loss of visual function started at approximately twenty-five years of age.  She has no vision in her left eye.  Her right eye has vision but is limited by a severe loss of peripheral field.  She sees the world as if looking through a straw. 


Despite this debilitation, she has learned to function with the limited vision that remains.  She is an accomplished horsewoman, winning or placing in at least one hundred equestrian competitions.  She falls off, dusts off, and then gets back in the saddle.  This is courage in the face of fire!  This is inspiration!


She is an equally accomplished musician.  I am witness to her piano skills, as Deborah provided the music at my recent wedding mass and reception.  Her performance was professional and without error.  All guests were impressed by her presentation….. astounded at discovering the obstacles she has overcome.


Deborah’s life, experiences, and story of triumph is undeniably inspirational.  She is smart, driven, and energetic.  There is a certain power of inertia in human behavior and a certain tendency for individuals to emulate others behavior.  Those who witness Mrs. McAlexander’s will be both inspired and motivated by her example.  The true genius of Deborah is a sincere faith in simple dreams, an insistence on small miracles.  She will transfer her dream, her miracle to others in a way beneficial to them.  In short, people around her become better people.”


Sandra C. Boeckman, Executive Director, Missouri Society of Association Executives:  “Your presentation, “Vision Beyond Eyesight!” was very dynamic, informative, and interesting, and it held everyone’s attention after our luncheon.  I also want to especially thank you for the piano presentations during our reception and the luncheon.  It was lovely to hear your repertoire of music selections.  Again, Deborah, thank you for speaking and playing piano at the MSAE luncheon!”



Tribune Cont.

Sarah Booker, Missouri Horse Show Association President:  “If you have not had the pleasure to meet Deborah, you are certainly in for a treat.   Our members were completely wowed at the quality of her musical talent in playing the piano.  She went over so big that I have asked her to play for our event next year, and I hope she will return to play for us for many years to follow.  Deborah not only plays incredibly; she also gave an inspirational speech to over one hundred of our members.  The association members are still contacting me to say that what Deborah had to say truly inspired how the view this vast equine industry.   It is my hope that you will consider meeting and getting to know Deborah very soon.  She has made such a large difference in our world that it would be a shame to keep her to ourselves.  Invite her to play her beautiful music and to speak to your group in the future.  You will be glad you did!


People & Living Article

Ted Ballenger, Maverick Advertising:  “Deborah McAlexander is a very gifted and unique person who has the ability to motivate, teach, and entertain all at the same time.  She will make you laugh, make you cry, inspire you, make you believe in yourself, and through sharing her own struggles in life, persuade you to believe that anything is possible through hard work and dedication.  I cannot imagine any company not choosing this talented and inspiring speaker for their next event.” 

Dr. Monte Shinkle, Concord Baptist Church:  "Please allow me to commend Deborah McAlexander to you as you plan your next special event or concert.  Deborah has an inspiring story to tell. She has been legally blind for many years.  The fact that she can see at all is amazing. She is a wonderful pianist and horse woman.  She combines the two through live piano performance and video presentation weaving in her story of faith.  She adapts her presentation to fit the occasion.  I highly recommend her."

Pamela L. Bultmann, Director of Education, Concord Baptist Church:  “It was my privilege to be at a luncheon recently at which Deborah McAlexander spoke and entertained us.  I have known of Deborah’s musical skills as a pianist for some time now.  The luncheon was the first time I heard her give her inspirational talk.  I was very impressed at how she had displayed her ribbons, showed a video of her horse riding and then wove it all together into a beautiful story that inspired us all.  She was very organized, used some humor, and kept us all attentive to what she was sharing.  It was a very pleasant experience and we all came away with a new view of life and what God can do through a person who has struggles and weaknesses.”


Pastor Lisa Deutsch, Assembly of God:  “Deborah McAlexander’s powerfully effective presentation reaches those who could only be reached by someone like Deborah who has faced challenges and overcome them.  She is not only a great motivational speaker and gifted pianist, but a shining example of what we can do if we are determined to make the most out of our lives.” 

Jennifer Loveall, Listener:  “Deborah's performance is the story that everyone shares.  The setting of the story may be different for all of us, but the underlying theme is the same.  Life is a journey.  It is not always easy, but Deborah reminds us that every bump in the road is an opportunity to learn and grow.  She gives us the tools needed to overcome and persevere.  She is an inspiration for all of us who are on life's path and find that sometimes we must adapt as that path takes us in a direction we weren't expecting.”

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